AI-enabled Contract Management Suite “Marshall” renamed to “LegalForce Cabinet”

An AI-enabled Contract Management Suite for Easy Search

LegalForce, Inc. (hereinafter “LegalForce”) is pleased to announce that it has renamed its AI-enabled contract management suite “Marshall” to “LegalForce Cabinet” on April 1.

AI-enabled Contract Management Suite “Marshall” renamed to “LegalForce Cabinet”_LegalForce

LegalForce Cabinet, an AI-enabled Contract Management Suite that Automatically Creates a Database for Signed Contracts

The cloud contract management suite “Marshall” is a system that automatically creates a database for contracts. It utilizes natural language processing and machine learning technologies cultivated through the AI-enabled contract review platform “LegalForce.” The beta version of “Marshall” was released in August 2020 and officially launched in January 2021.


LegalForce is delighted to announce that its service is renamed to “LegalForce Cabinet.” This change reflects the company’s desire to provide everyone with a means to easily store their contracts digitally as if they were storing paper contracts in a cabinet. By simply uploading contracts to “LegalForce Cabinet,” metadata, such as the title, date of execution, contractor name, and start and end dates, are automatically extracted and stored as a searchable database, making contract management more efficient. 


There will be no changes to the service specifications, functions, or pricing plans resulting from this rename.


With LegalForce Cabinet, you can find contracts easily

According to the company’s own survey, about half of the respondents felt that it was a challenge to look up contracts. 471 of 1,000 respondents answered that “I know where the necessary contracts are stored but can’t find them immediately” or “I don’t know where the necessary contracts are stored and need to inquire about where they are.”


LegalForce Cabinet enables users to quickly find the contracts they’re looking for from anywhere by simply entering the keywords.


*Excerpt from a survey on the actual situation of contract management

When looking up a contract, which of these apply to you?

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Marshall Service site


*Survey Outline

  • Objective: Survey of the actual situation in contract management
  • Survey period: March 17, 2021 – March 19, 2021
  • Respondents: 1,000 people who have experience in handling contracts in their work
  • Method: Internet survey
  • Planning: LegalForce, Inc.
  • Survey cooperation: Cross Marketing Inc.


LegalForce will continue to develop and provide software that improves the quality and efficiency of corporate legal operations by cutting edge technology


■ About LegalForce, Inc.

LegalForce, Inc. was founded in 2017 by two corporate lawyers from one of the top law firms in Japan. It develops and provides cloud-based software that improves the quality and efficiency of corporate legal operations by proprietary AI technology with legal insights. As academic initiatives, the company jointly researches with Kyoto University on artificial intelligence and natural language processing, and sponsors various academic conferences, etc. LegalForce,Inc. launched AI-enabled contract review platform “LegalForce” in April 2019, and AI-enabled contract management suite “Marshall,” renamed to “LegalForce Cabinet,” in January 2021.