JP Biard, Chief Global Strategy Officer of LegalOn Technologies, speaks at VIVA TECHNOLOGY

JP Biard, Executive Director, Executive Officer and CGSO (Chief Global Strategy Officer) of LegalOn Technologies, took the stage at VIVA TECHNOLOGY.


VIVA TECHNOLOGY is one of the world’s top tech events, enjoying strong support from the French government including scheduled yearly visits from the President of France. Every year large domestic and international companies gather here, including Google and LVMH Group, as well as influential startups and key people in innovation. The event is one of the world’s top tech events.
JP Biard spoke at the Japan Pavilion during the event about our company and the growth potential of our cutting-edge AI-based legal tech business. We were also selected by the Japan Pavilion to appear on the 5 million viewer “Vivatech News” program.


LegalOn Technologies looks forward to continued engagement with the startup and broader business community as a leading global legal tech company.