AI-enabled Contract Review Platform “LegalForce” Adopted by over 1,500 Customers
~including 300 law firms~

LegalForce, Inc. is pleased to announce that more than 1,500 customers, including companies and law firms, have implemented its AI-enabled contract review platform “LegalForce” as of December 2021.

Embraced by more than 1,200 companies and 300 law firms

In the two and a half years since the product launch, more than 1,200 corporate customers have adopted “LegalForce.” Our clients who are in charge of reviewing contracts appreciate its functions, such as AI-review, over 600 templates of documents and case tracker.

Many lawyers have told us that the AI-review can detect risks and flaws in contracts and reduce the time required to review without compromising quality. This allows them to spend more time on the work that only lawyers can handle.

The company has developed a lot of additional features in a short period of time to solve customers’ pains. LegalForce will continue to be upgraded in all aspects.


What is the AI-enabled contract review platform “LegalForce”?

“LegalForce” is an AI-driven product that simultaneously enhances both quality and efficiency of the contract review process. It provides automatic review by its proprietary AI technology, a flexible search by article, and a variety of contract templates and formats. The platform is also useful for knowledge management as it accumulates historical records of the contract review.  Launched in April 2019, the product has grown to be used by over 1,500 companies in about two and half years.


Release and updates in the last 3 months

Here are three noteworthy features released after September 2021..

In-house standard review This feature allows customers to review contracts against their own criteria. They can smoothly check not only general issues with the AI-review, but also issues specific to them.
Definition checker This is a function that automatically proofreads the consistency of defined words in the document. This feature simplifies the cumbersome inspection and significantly reduces the time for work.
Case Tracker The function consolidates the flow of information related to contract review requests from each department to the legal team on “LegalForce” as a one-stop progress management platform. It will streamline all requests received by emails and prevent non-response to requests.

LegalForce will continue to develop and provide software that improves the quality and efficiency of corporate legal operations by cutting edge technology.